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HEY, everybody, and thanks for coming and checking out MDO Custom Jigs!!  You guys can purchase my custom jigs here if you click on the Jigs page! I have completely custom colors, that can not be found anywhere else.  I Live in IL, and have been fishing all of my life, and can not imagine life without it! Hope you guys enjoy the site, and are able to buy some jigs for yourself!! 

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1st Place Finish with MDO Custom Jigs

Mason Oak, the owner of MDO Custom Jigs, won biggest bass, weighing in at 2.1 lbs, in his first tournament of the year, with the MDO Custom Jig in Bluegill color!

​$5.00 + Free Shipping

Represent MDO Custom Jigs, on your kayak, boat, or car with the MDO Custom Jigs Bumper Sticker!

​MDO Bumper Sticker

MDO Custom Jig's Wacky Jig!!

$5.99 + Shipping